Jaramillo Villamizar

JARAMILLO VILLAMIZAR since 2011 is a law firm created to provide its clients with full-service specialized legal advice, with high managerial content, in matters of financial law and Fintech and venture capital, insurance law, corporate law, compliance, ESG, labor, tax, litigation, and Legal Design.

The promise of service to its clients is based on integrity, expressed beyond rectitude, as the commitment to fulfill what is offered in time, quality and personal involvement. The experience and knowledge in the areas of practice allows us to provide a service of excellence and efficiency, where the advice adds value to the core business of our clients.

SANTIAGO JARAMILLO VILLAMIZAR Lawyer and Member of the Bar of the Universidad del Rosario; arbitrator registered in the Arbitration and Conciliation Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the Colombian Society of Engineers; Member of the Decision Room of the Self-Regulator of the Securities Market; graduate of the Senior Business Management Program of the Inalde. Master in Innovation and Legal Tech. Founding Partner of Jaramillo Villamizar.

Magister en Innovación y Legal Tech.
Socio Fundador de Jaramillo Villamizar.

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